Simplified procedures

Simplified procedures facilitate the simplification of actions necessary to cover goods with customs procedures by deformalising actions related to submitting customs declaration.
It should be remembered that the simplified system of placing goods under customs procedures is a leading system in the EU states.

We have provided the simplified export customs clearance since 2002. The benefits of such simplified procedure offered by Zefir Customs Agency are as follows:
  • Time efficiency - it is no longer necessary to wait many hours for customs clearance - the decision of the Customs Office is made within 30 minutes,
  • Cost efficiency - saving costs of delivering goods to the Customs Office, costs of vehicle waiting time, cost of administrative and office service - the goods are delivered to the destination and await formalities there,
  • Export customs clearance is possible outside opening hours of the Customs Office,
  • Short order lead time,
  • Improvement of work efficiency and organisation.
In 2011, the agency will also offer simplified procedure for import, with the possibility to settle VAT in a tax return, without the need to pay VAT at customs clearance (article 33a of the Act on VAT).

The benefits are as follows:
  • This service facilitates non-cash settlement of import VAT for Poland-based importers,
  • VAT is settled by the importer in the tax return,
  • Thanks to this procedure, the importer does not need to freeze the cash in VAT and may conclude new transactions to increase profits,
  • The application of article 33a of the Act on VAT, in conjunction with the benefits of the AEO status (the Agency was awarded the AEO status in 2010) will help our service shorten the duration of customs clearance to 30 minutes and reduce the number of searches.